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At Jamal's Helping Hands we strive to provide content that is meaningful, purposeful, heartfelt, and encouraging to our very special community! We understand that everyone has bustling schedules and you want content on demand. If you missed a webinar or just want the slides, you can find it here. Have an idea for a topic you like us to cover? Contact us today and let us know, we love to hear from you! 

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       We Launched Our Podcast! 

Join our Founder, Valeria McConnell each month as she hosts our podcast EveryDay Rare. 

Remember to always take the R.A.R.E. approach!

R- Research organizations, therapies and trials. 

A- Align with the ones that suit you. 

R- Register for research.

      IAMRARE  CoRDS   Orphanet 

E- Educate yourself, caregivers,  physicians, and others!