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On November 20, 2017, Jamal’s Helping Hands was incorporated with the vision of creating a nonprofit organization to enhance the quality of life for patients with chronic illnesses of rare diseases and their families. Families like mine.

The mission of Jamal’s Helping Hands is to provide client-focused support to patients and their families by providing a variety of services and educating them about resources readily accessible in their surrounding community.

These services include, but are not limited to:  providing caregiver information, educational workshops, outreach and awareness, emergency care scholarships, lodging assistance and other resources in an effort to make the experience of rare disease easier.

Helping Hands

Healthcare Coaching

The healthcare system can be daunting, and finding the right professionals who will deliver the kind of care you are looking for is not easy. So having an experienced and qualified advocate by your side can be a valuable asset. 

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Educational Workshops

Want to receive a fresh perspective and develop new ideas of how to address common problems or issues faced by caregivers.  We offer educational workshops designed to assist caregivers on a variety of topics, community resources and support to improve the caregiver's experience.

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Support Groups

We welcome caregivers to come not only to receive support but to offer support, to be educated and to connect with other caregivers.  We provide a healthy, supportative atmosphere where you can share your thoughts and experiences, triumphs and pitfalls, caretaker to caretaker with a group that can empathize and provide hope in the midst of your difficult journey.

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Client Services Request Form

Please complete the Client Services Request form to provide us with additional information about your current health care needs.

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